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When I was a little girl, I had a dream. I wanted to be the first female basketball player who played for the Detroit Pistons. I never really thought about how that would happen, but my dreams seemed to be within reach when I learned of a free throw tournament that was going to be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills. “Yes! This is it! My one step closer! This is going to be fun!”

I would spend countless hours practicing my free throws. I would practice shooting the basketball with my left hand—even though I am right–handed. The day came for the qualifying round of the tournament and I was ready. I picked my lucky spot and began taking my shots. After everyone had taken a turn, they began to announce who had won and who was going to the Palace. I gritted my teeth and waited. Drumroll please….and the winner is….not me.


Life, doesn’t always seem to turn out quite how you dream, does it?

Maybe that’s you. You always dreamed that life would be fun and you’d be successful. Maybe you dreamed you would have a family and that the sands of time surely wouldn’t age…you, right?

What do you do about it?

So what do we do when things don’t work out how we thought, planned, or hoped? We simply say, “It wasn’t meant to be.” Or how about this one, “It’s just the way life is.” Or a favorite one is, “Well, I’m just….fill in the blank…so I can’t.”

The problem is that while we are telling ourselves how we can’t do something or be something—we settle for this instead of running hard after what we really want in life. What we really want is a lifestyle that is meaningful and abundant and don’t forget—fun!

But, you can love your life, be successful, and feel and look younger.

It is possible and I can help.

I Walked Off the Court

That day that I lost the free throw tournament, something died. Some would say it was my dream of becoming the first female basketball player for the Detroit Pistons. I walked off the court that day in more ways than one. I lost the tournament, but the bigger loss was the courage to believe in myself. Years later I was still looking for someone to believe in me. I never realized that the person I needed to believe in me the most—was staring back at me in the mirror all along.

You are the Solution

Today, if you’re feeling weary or discouraged—you’re not alone. I was there once—then I realized that I was the problem and I was the solution. I so resonate with Dave Ramsey’s story—he tells it time and time again of how he turned his life around personally and financially once he fully realized, he was the problem and he was the solution.

It’s simple. A life you love begins with you. You decide. You can walk off the court feeling great loss, or you can turn something around that seems bad, and find the good.

“You are the problem. You are the solution.” —Dave Ramsey

There’s so much negative noise that never nurtures your soul. Instead it steals your joy and reinforce that “life is the way it is” mentality.

But, I share with you a positive voice offering insights that encourage—to help you nurture your faith, marriage, children, home and yourself. A life that matters. A life that you love.

Through positive thinking and purposeful living, I believe you will:

  • Feel energized and refreshed, when you wake up in the morning.
  • Be truly grateful and get excited about the opportunities that life offers you.
  • Feel like you’re strong and confident both emotionally and mentally for the hard things in life.

I’d love to encourage you and share the wins I’ve had along the way.

Let’s make it happen!