1. This is great, Sonya, so many practical tips for moms. I’m going to be an empty-nester this summer, but so much of what you said here took me back to my years of homeschooling my kids! Life can be a blur and you wonder if you’ll ever come up for air (or be able to have some alone time in the bathroom!) but it does happen and we need to be ready. Ready for it being the 2 of you again… I’ll admit, I’m kinda excited about that now! ?So yes to perspective and the big picture and enjoying motherhood!

    • Thanks, Laura! It’s funny how as moms we can all relate to our kids always following us in the bathroom. My husband gets a little piece of that too! I’m sure you have lots of stories especially with homeschooling—and lots of fantastic memories. I’m excited for you in that next step of being an empty–nester! I pray for the Lord to richly bless you and your husband—drawing you closer to Him and deepening your marriage.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!!!! It’s ironic… mentioned my words but your words here truly ministered to me beyond measure today! You are such a beautiful writer and it truly took your gift to write these words that is perfectly said for any mom that feels like “I’m just a Mom”. I am sharing this everywhere! There are so man moms that needs to read these tips and to read your words of encouragement. I love #2.#3. #4, #5……well…. actually I love them all!

    • Thank you, Carmen!! You bless me so much! You ARE right! This message is for any mom who has a tendency to feel that they are “just a mom”. ❤️ Thank you for sharing—your heart personally and everywhere—so other moms may be encouraged!

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