Hi there and welcome to HealthyLivingMom.com! Thanks for stopping by my about page. It’s kind of like my front porch—a place where I first meet a lot of people. In fact, the picture above is of the very porch where I first met my husband’s parents.

It was a little over six years ago. I still remember what I felt like— my hands were sweaty, my nerves were on edge and I was fidgety. It was a summer evening and I was meeting my boyfriends’ parent for the first time. You see, I knew that we were going to get married, but his parents didn’t know that tiny bit of information about us, yet! My mind was swirling with questions. What would they think of me? How was this going to go? The one thing that comforted my nerves and took the pressure off, was that I was just simply meeting them on the porch. It was nothing more.

I know getting to know new people and learning more about them can be a little nerve racking—but I invite you to just sit a few moments with me here on my online porch. Nothing more. Like having a sip of lemonade or sweet tea. I’m so very glad you’re here.


Healthy Living Mom / Sonya Rottman

I’m Sonya Rottman. My greatest reward is to see my family growing in health. It’s all about our hearts, soul, mind, and bodies. Every year we desire more—to walk in greater depth of godliness, integrity, and generosity. To reject the idea that life is mundane and to live fully—a life that is bursting with joy and adventure.

I grew up playing sports and that led to a college career playing softball. I lived a very active lifestyle consisting of hiking, biking and cross–training. Prior to becoming a wife and a mom, I enjoyed a work career of 15 years. My professional career was very rewarding and exciting but it was never about what I accomplished or what I created, but rather who I could help. My passion has always been insightful encouragement. It’s what I was born to do.



My Family

I’m the incredibly blessed wife of Joel and mom to our two year old son, Sebastian. Our home is on the Rottman Family Homestead, just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m a sister to five, and daughter to two loving parents. I am eternally grateful to them because of the rich heritage that they have entrusted to me—love God, honor others, live with intention, and work with integrity.



How did HealthyLivingMom.com get started?

It all started as a result of a conversation—about me.

A few years ago, my husband Joel, was visiting another married couple who were friends with us. They were both really struggling with stress in their lives, but the husband was experiencing more physical symptoms. Knowing this, I sent along some Shaklee Stress Relief Complex with Joel, so that the husband could try it and see if it would help.

Joel handed the bottle to the husband and immediately the wife said, “She’s just become one of those people who think the answer to living healthy is taking those pills.”

The words stung when Joel shared them with me. It had come out of the mouth of my friend. I knew her over 15 years. How could she say that? She knows that I don’t think that way or live that way!

I was deeply hurt.

Then I was angry because of what she had said.

Then I was sad because the real me that I thought she knew, wasn’t what was reflected in her words.

I realized, that if someone who knows me well sees me as a pill popping pretty–girl only—then there are other people who probably think the same thing. I needed to do something about it.



Healthy Living Mom | Encouragement that nurtures women in their faith, marriages, kids, homes and themselves. A life you life is possible! Let's make it happen!


Healthy Living is about the whole you.

Healthy living is about the whole you—your relationships and your home. It starts with positive thinking and purposeful living. This is the path to powerful results for a life you love. Therefore, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in—it’s so important to have positive uplifting voices encouraging you.

Those words spoken by my friend years ago triggered a passion in me. Until that point, I never realized how much biblical healthy living really mattered to me. I really love to help others and that was my intention in the first place with my friends—to help with a physical need. Instead of thank you, I received words that stung and those words however painful at the time—were a gift to me. They lit a fire in me to do something about it and healthylivingmom.com went from an idea to a reality. To learn more about HealthyLivingMom.com visit Start Here.

Lessons from the Porch

Although I was nervous about meeting my future in–laws on the front porch that summer day, I knew it was just where I needed to be. I didn’t expect what they had to say—but it is forever stamped in my mind. With tears in their eyes they turned to me and said, “We’ve been praying for you. Where have you been hiding?” It was such an amazing and humbling moment to be told—you’re an answer to our prayers.

I am praying for you! By showing up here today, you are an answer to my prayer. God has given me so much—I cannot keep it to myself. May HealthyLivingMom.com be the same to you—an answer to your prayers. I pray that you may find your right at home here—a place for encouragement and friendship to embrace a life of abundance.

Feel free to pop in and join me on the porch anytime, on my blog. We can sip on some tea, coffee, lemonade or just share a tall glass of cool water—for whatever will comfort your heart. I’ll share some more stories about my life and what I’ve learned along the way. Just remember you’re always welcome to stay awhile.

Sweet blessings to you!