Negative Noise that Never Nurtures Your Soul

Over the course of my life, I’ve had over 30 different roommates—not including family that have lived with me or my husband. I’ve shared a lot of living spaces—kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, and living rooms. But, there have only been a few places where I have truly felt—at home.

In our world, home, is hard to find. There is so much negative noise that never nurtures your soul. Instead it steals your joy and reinforce that “life is the way it is” mentality. Our hearts long for something more and you know what? Your heart doesn’t lie. You were meant for more.

Finding Home

When I was 29 years old. A wonderful couple opened up their home to me. They had children who were grown up and moved out. Their home was very large for just the two of them, so they decided to rent out a few rooms for those who were in ministry. A mutual friend introduced us, and for a little over two years I rented a room and shared common living areas with this couple. Now, this wasn’t the first time I had rented a room, but what was most special to me is that this couples’ home, it felt like my home. It was a two story colonial home that the husband had built himself and he took great pride in it.



It was beautiful—open and airy. Every room was carefully chosen and the layout was functional yet warm and inviting. There was an informal eating nook and a formal dining room. I loved having access to such a  large kitchen. So did they! The couple entertained quite often and their guests always dined on the finest gourmet meal prepared by the wife.



The Living Room

Some guests were business entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors. Others were missionaries and indigenous leaders visiting from far away lands. I remember getting to meet several new and interesting people. But, although many amazing stories were shared over a fabulous meal in that formal dining room, my ultimate favorite room was the living room.



The living room decor was formal with windows facing the backyard and front yard. It was furnished with a comfy cozy yet formal sofa and a set of two matching chairs. The focal point of the room—a large double sided fireplace graced with a thick mantle. What made the living room so special to me?

1. It was a place that cultivated friendship.

Everyone was welcome to make themselves comfortable—to laugh and enjoy one another. It was a place to have fun with friends and share from their hearts.



2. A place to be still.

It was a place of peace and rest. It was a place of comfort—a place to take a load of your feet. Life can be busy and time can slip away. I needed rest and I found it here.



3. A place of introspection.

The space was light and airy and the windows welcomed me to look out and see the wonder of God’s creation. I could easily reflect upon who I wanted to be and where I was at in my life.


4. A place of strength.

There was space and time alone digging into God’s word. Some of my most vivid memories are waking up early in the morning and coming downstairs, wrapping up in a cozy blanket, and sipping on a cup of coffee with reading, praying, studying, and journaling. It was during these years that the noise started to lose it’s grip and peace and joy took over my life. I started to walk in a life of abundance.



Are you wrestling with the negative noise that never nurtures your soul?

Don’t let that voice that steals, kills, and destroys keep you in a place of mundane. You were meant for more and the place to start is by finding home—a place where you feel welcomed to be still and renewed, encouraged and strengthened.

I have been so blessed by everything that feels like home to me. You can experience the same thing—right here at Healthy Living Mom by joining The Living Room.

A Peek Inside

The Living Room is a place where I share a little more about myself. I am passionate about helping others cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle. You’ll find that I offer insightful ways to nurture your faith, marriage, kids, home and most importantly yourself.

Finding home—well it took awhile for me and a whole lot of roommates! I didn’t quite know what home looked like when I started out, but I found it. We all need a place that feels like home.

My prayer is that you find your heart to be at home—in my living room—The Living Room.

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